About Me

I am a professional photographer in Brighton, Sussex, UK. I have had quite an interesting career and covered a wide range of photographic assignments and honestly I have loved every minute of it. As much as it can be extremely busy at times I feel extremely lucky to do something I am passionate about for a living. Proud to say I have had cameras on my shoulders for over 15 years now.

My journey into professional photography began many years ago when I got my first full time job at The Argus newspaper in Brighton. Initially working on picture desk and working my way into being a photographer. After about 3 years here I took the decision to jump ship and go to work at an agency where I spent time working covering assignments for the national newspapers, PR, and marketing photography. After about 4 years here I went out on my own and to this day am still freelance.


I have enjoyed worldwide success with my work appearing in every national newspaper in the UK and regularly having work shown in magazines, businesses and advertising across the globe. I take great pride in my work and  I am dedicated to achieving the best results for every customer.


I have a wealth of experience in many different areas of the industry. I’ve covered large variety of work such as corporate events, construction processes, sport fixtures, weddings, stock and much more. It would be hard to find something that I haven’t had previous experience in!


I live a very creative lifestyle which I would not change. As well as photography I shoot video and edit pieces for clients. Another passion of mine is music production which I have been doing for years and I also DJ. I also undertake shooting and editing video assignments for corporate clients – I live a fully creative lifestyle!